Heart-centered Support for your Journey

Welcome to deeply comprehensive classes and events designed to support, inspire and empower your Ascension process! Sandra Walter provides heart-centered, clear direction for awakening and expansion into to Unity Consciousness.
Heart-centered Support for your Journey

Discover your True Self

You are already a beautiful higher being residing in HUman form; let the Higher You shine!. Connecting with your Multidimensional Self, Divine Service and Source is a powerful experience available to everyone. Through Heart-based mentorship, clear guidance and energetic support, the True Self can thrive.

  • Connect with your Higher Levels to experience the Divine Love and wisdom of the multidimensional self

  • Discover your highest service to others and live it with passion, ease and grace

  • Empower yourself to become an active participant in the global shift in consciousness

You don't have to walk this path alone.

Multidimensional consciousness is a unique and complex process. We walk together with love, respect and humility.

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John Andean, East Yorkshire, UK

A True Masterpiece

John Andean, East Yorkshire, UK

Ascension Path is a true masterpiece, learned in an easy step by step way (in quality video) from a beautiful human being. I now know who I AM, where I AM from and where I AM going.

Pure Authentic Light Teachings


Sandra’s dedication to sharing her wisdom shines through every module and meditation. Pure, heart focused, authentic light teachings that have cleared, healed and created many personal shifts. A true teacher of the light my love, thanks and gratitude Sandra.
John Stone, Winston GA USA

Most valuable teachings of my life

John Stone, Winston GA USA

I consider Sandra’s teachings some of the most valuable of my entire life’s learning experience. I will eternally remain grateful for her wealth of knowledge and abilities to share that knowledge in a meaningful way.

Wayshower Empowerment

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