Clarify, Align & Amplify your Service



A whole new era of Wayshowership is unfolding right here, right now.

The energies have shifted to support heart-based services

 which inspire, empower and awaken the collective. 

We need your service to shine brightly, confidently and consistently 
as the New Earth realities step forth.

Ascension Guide & Wayshower Sandra Walter
has created a valuable core training for anyone desiring
 to create High-Vibe content and services to assist the New Paradigm.

From individual services to large group organizations
Sandra combines actionable steps, seasoned guidance, 
and clear direction for heart-based Wayshowers in this Now.

Your Unique expression of Divine Service is needed!

Wayshowers in service, this is our moment! As the energies and timelines shift, everyone in service is asked to level up in this Now. This class is designed for New Paradigm service providers of any scope...even if you have not discovered what that is yet. We are all changing, new skills and creations are presenting. If empowering others to co-create the new paradigm of peace, unconditional love and unity consciousness is a core value, this class is for you.

  • Launch the New! Skill building for clarity, expansion, creativity, and highest intent

  • Clarify core values and identify your next steps

  • The New Communication: Shifting to Pure expression

  • Meeting challenges, doubts or fears of Wayshowing with ease & grace

  • Apply New Earth Flow: Boost your ability to inspire and guide with High-Vibe Alignment

  • Staying on Point: How to create high-vibe content to support and inspire your Tribe

  • How to balance the energies of Ascension while providing service to the collective

  • Serving with courage, HUmility, impeccability and Divine intent.

  • Light-Encoding your creations and services

Modules Focused on Empowerment

Clarifying Goals, Mission and Service: Discover your true calling in this Now. Un-veil your unique expression of service to align with the new level we are all moving into as Lightworkers.

Fears, Trust, Communication: Clearing the blockages to showing up as your Highest Self, and how to express the radiant voice of the Heart.

Challenges: Becoming a productive, consistent, clear conduit for Divine Service ... and how to handle the pushback and feedback that every Wayshower must face. Accepting an abundant, supported service level that gives without becoming depleted.

Alignment: Working with HUmility, Integrity and in Divine Flow. Light-Encoding your services for maximum effectiveness.

Content Creation: The big download on tools, what works, and what is needed to get started or uplevel your service.

Plus truly helpful tools, prompts and seasoned Wayshower tips for ease and grace!

Content Features

  • 25 Video Trainings

    Clear, insightful videos with path-changing tools, exercises and clear guidance for True Self-discovery and stepping into your next phase of Service.

  • Tools for Clarity

    Reveal the New Self! Exercises and methods for launching your new service, creating New Earth flow and aligning with highest trajectories.

  • Connection Call Replays

    REPLAYS of two informative Q&A video calls with Sandra. Both Video & Audio Replays available.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Sandra Walter

    Sandra Walter

    Sandra Walter is a Wayshower, Ascension Guide and Gatekeeper in service to the Shift in Consciousness on Gaia. Sandra assists awakened HUmans through writings, videos and creations focused on Ascension. She inspires the exploration and evolution of HUman consciousness, bridging the multidimensional worlds to create peace, self-realization and a deep understanding of the Ascension process. Sandra shares information as a contactee and pure conduit to empower, inspire and accelerate the Ascension of HUmanity. She is a published author, certified Life Coach, artist and Energy Healer. Sandra lives in Mount Shasta, California.

Bonus Material

Free guided activations to boost your effectiveness

  • Morning Accelerator

    Align and set high-vibe intentions for your highest expression of Self. Light-encode your day for maximum effectiveness! Downloadable MP3.

  • Bedtime Calm

    Get the most out of your sleep state! Service is a constant activity, reset everything at night. Use bedtime for rejuvenation, healing and DNA activation. Downloadable MP3.



Rocked My World!


"This is the most activating, light code packed course I have ever taken. I have felt my heart crack open instantly, the release of all that has been in my way of wayshowing. This energy has completely rocked my world and brought me to a place of such humility and reverence. I AM holding this Christed Energy within; you helped me cross the bridge."
by C.E., USA

Highly Professonal Content

by C.E., USA

"Wayshower Empowerment is the most comprehensive and organized offering of inspiration, structures, concrete tips and highly professional information available on this subject."

Clarity on my Unique Offering


Truly, this has shifted my experience powerfully in my teaching.  "You've activated the "permission" to be courageous . You've opened the space for me to be authentic, confident and clear on my unique offering, yet really tap into what would best serve."

Wayshowing invites Challenge

Moving beyond your comfort zone takes courage. Sandra provides deep insights on dealing with all aspects of sharing the True Self. Lessons and inspiration from a seasoned Wayshower.